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The DF11 facepack project started in 2010 and is still running with monthly updates. These faces are distinctive from others because of the authentic portrait style and the large dimensions of the images.


Thanks to the DF11 panels and custom skins that you can place into Football Manager, you can even see the player images on several parts of the game in large format. How special is that!

The huge DF11 megapack already contains more than 122,000 faces for players, referees, coaches, managers, and board.


This huge amount of faces covers all playable competitions in Football Manager.

From the all European leagues to the Asian Leagues and from the American third division to the third division in Russia.

The DF11 Faces Megapack download has it all....

DF11 Faces

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There are various Football Manager face packs available worldwide.

Here we'll give you the opportunity to download a real first-class face pack for FM2019 and Football Manager 2020.

As shown in the reviews the DF11 Facepack for Football Manager has a large fan base worldwide and is one of the top-rated face packs for many years.


All DF11 downloads are fast and completely free.

With the monthly updates released by the DF11 graphics team, you can refresh your DF11 Megapack on a regular base so you will always have the latest player images in your FM game.


DF11 Megapack

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